The ISDenver MissionOur inclusive, globally minded community develops highly motivated and academically successful bilingual learners. ISDenver students are inter-culturally adept and make positive contributions in a complex world.


ISDenver will be an exemplary, multi-lingual international school in the world-wide community, distinguished by its commitment to:

  • A cohesive pre-K through 8th grade community of students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni.
  • An outstanding faculty that is continually embracing best pedagogical practices
  • An individualized approach to student learning to ensure that all students are challenged and successful
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in math, science and technology that prepare students for a changing future
  • Students' personal development ensuring that they are well rounded individuals exhibiting ISDenver values and beliefs
  • Internationalism in the curriculum and school culture
Mission and Vision generated by the ISDenver Board of Directors and school-side Strategic Visioning Committee in 2016. Subject to review in the 2019-20 school year.

Values & Beliefs

  • Being different and individual
  • Welcoming and accepting everyone in the ISDenver community and beyond
  • Learning about and respecting other people's cultures and beliefs
  • Doing the right thing
  • Standing up for ourselves and others
  • Being fair and honest in our words and actions
  • Looking out for each other
  • Caring for others
  • Taking action through service learning
  • Owning our decisions and our mistakes
  • Working hard, managing our time and staying on task
  • The importance of developing our independence
  • Doing our best and staying determined
  • Never giving up
  • Striving continuously as everyone can grow and develop
Generated by ISDenver students in 2016. Subject to review in the 2019-20 school year.

Learning Principles

The Best Learning Is...

Relevant and Transferable
The learning is authentic and purposeful; is applicable to real life situations; is culturally and globally relevant and is interdisciplinary helping learners make connections, reflecting the real world.
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Learners are taught how to learn and are given opportunities to develop strong metacognitive competencies; they can employ effective and flexible learning strategies; they believe in a growth mindset and that effort leads to success; they are driven by intrinsic motivation and can exercise some degree of choice and control over their learning; learners engage in self-assessment, self-regulation and reflection.
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Inquiry Based
Learners investigate, question, discuss and justify as they develop problem-solving skills and become decision makers; hands on, experiential learning with active, constructive involvement to support student-led inquiry into essential and meaningful questions; learners develop a variety of strategies for possible multiple solutions; they find applications for, and take action on, what they have learned.
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There are opportunities for social interaction, cooperation and collaboration with school, local and broader communities; critical and creative thinking skills include opportunities for expressing and evaluating different perspectives and viewpoints; there is a focus on social emotional learning and the development of emotional intelligence.
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Personal and Meaningful
The learning is challenging and appropriate to individual developmental levels; builds upon their prior knowledge and understanding; takes into account learners’ different starting points, multi-sensory needs and zones of proximal development and makes effective use of timely, constructive, personal feedback in setting and reaching goals.
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Generated by ISDenver faculty in 2016. Subject to review in the 2019-20 school year.

Strategic Objectives

  • Objective One

    To offer an unparalleled student learning experience and foster academic and personal achievement by aligning bilingual, bi-cultural and International Baccalaureate curricula; school-wide curriculum goals; standards and benchmarks; and best pedagogical practices.

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  • Objective Two

    To develop a visionary, state of the art campus,
    including infrastructure and facilities that intentionally
    foster the mission and achieve the vision of ISDenver.

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  • Objective Three

    To continue to differentiate ISDenver as a preeminent
    school with a unique educational model and a nurturing,
    caring community where the passion is real.

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  • Objective Four

    To strengthen organizational effectiveness,
    supporting ISDenver as a learning
    community with a growth mindset.

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